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Auto Body Repairs in Fort Myers, FL

Repair Process

When you choose us, not only do you receive great service, but you also get peace of mind. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer warranties for our services. Our shop specializes in collision repair and has extensive experience working on both domestic and foreign vehicles.
We are unibody specialists.


Our Repair Process Includes:

  • Estimate - This allows us to perform a complete assessment of your vehicle's damage.
    • Preliminary Estimate - Basis of the complete estimate. This is written prior to the vehicle being taken apart.
    • Tear Down - Taking the vehicle apart to show the full damage.
    • Complete Estimate - Thorough estimation to determine the needed parts, repairs and time frame for the job to be done right the first time.
  • Parts - Our knowledgeable and experienced Parts Manager ensures that the parts used are of high-quality.
  • Repair
    • Measuring and Pulling - Before anything else is done, our highly trained and skilled technicians ensure that this important step is done to a T. They examine and repair the vehicle's skeleton. They use equipment to properly fix structural damage.
    • Mechanical Work - Only our technicians do the mechanical work.
    • Body Work - Our craftsmen work on this stage of repair. We restore the metal as close to its original shape as possible, then a very thin layer of body-filler and sanded to perfection.
  • Refinish - The refinishing step includes three main parts:
    • Prep and Prime - In the paint department, the repaired area is sanded with a 320 grit sandpaper, masked off, sprayed with chemically activated primer, and when the primer dries, sanded with a 600 grit sandpaper.
    • Color Match - Each and every color is custom mixed by our certified painters, to ensure that a color match is achieved.
    • Painting - When the vehicle is moved to the spray booth, the painter applies color, or base coat, clear coat with U.V. screens to protect from the sun and the elements, and a final clear coat for a durable and protective finish.
  • Re-Assembly - The vehicle is then meticulously re-assembled and every part is attached to the vehicle.
  • Test Drive - Once the process is completed, every vehicle is taken for a test drive. This ensures that the vehicle is of perfect driving condition.
  • Quality Control Inspections - Inspections are done throughout the entire repair process.

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